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1.- This INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is open to filmmakers of any nationality.

2.- The festival aims to collect independent cinematographic proposals that offer an alternative look created from the transversality that allows the filmic language. Works that subvert morality somehow, disarticulate the repressions, our philias and phobias, as well as works that evidence the structural defects of the society in which we live. Works that could be located in THE UNDERGROUND CULTURE, THE CLANDESTINE CINEMA AND THE EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA.

The theme is free. The organization will value all proposals received in the same way (fiction, animation and documentary).

3.- The maximum duration of the work will be LESS THAN 30 MINUTES.

4.- To participate in the competitive sections, the work must have been PRODUCED SINCE 1 JANUARY, 2017 TO PRESENT.

5.- The audio could be recorded in any language. Works registered for PRESELECTION must be submitted in their original version WITH SUBTITLES in Spanish and / or Catalan, English or French if the original version is in languages other than Spanish or Catalan.

Definitely SELECTED WORKS will send a copy with the subtitle in Spanish or Catalan embedded, ready for your projection, if they are in other languages (Mov/Mp4, Codec: H.264 - Resolution: 1080p, 720p).

6.- Short films can be registered FROM 10th JUNE 2019 TO 3rd SEPTEMBER 2019 (deadline)

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The official international sections have a registration fee indicated on the platforms. The other sections do not have registration fees. In the pre-selection process, communication will only be established with the participants through these platforms. All documentation received will become part of the festival´s archives. Online works will be only accessible to festival staff, collaborators and organizers. All documentation received will become part of the festival´s archives. Each author or group can submit more than one work. The mere acceptance of participation in this festival will not suppose any economic spending by the organization.


- Official Section (International Competitive Official Section)
International Official Section. All fiction, animation and documentary short films are selectable.

- Cortometraje más Entrañable (International Competitive Official Section)
Section that rewards originality and creativity.

- València Cinema (Competitive Valencian short films)
Specific section (The Valencian films selected in the international sections also compete in this specific section). The Valencian short films do not have a registration fee through the platforms (movibeta/festhome/clickforfestival). To be considered as a Valencian short film, the producer, the director or the screenwriter must have their headquarters or be born in the Valencian Community (Spain). It must be indicated in the inscription.

All registered short films could participate in any of the proposed sections.

The organization will select a minimum of fifteen short films for the official section. These will be projected during the month of November. Three other films will compete for “La muñeca rota al cortometraje más entrañable” Section. The organization reserves the right to expand the number of short films finalists.

8.- The festival provides the following AWARDS and recognitions for the competitive section. These will be awarded by a jury of industry professionals selected by the organization and the audience of the festival:

a) "Golden Fetus Jury Award for Best Short Film Catacumba 2019". Official Section. Statuette and cash prize of 1250 €.

b) "Golden Fetus Audience Award for Best Short Film Catacumba 2019". Official Section. Statuette and cash prize of 250 €.

c) "Broken Doll Award for Cortometraje más entrañable Catacumba 2019". Cortometraje más Entrañable Section. Statuette and cash prize of 250 €.

d) "Award for the best animated short film Catacumba 2019". Official section. Cash prize of 250 €.

e) "Award for Best Actress Catacumba 2019". Official Section. Award.

f) "Award for Best Actor Catacumba 2019". Official Section. Award.

g) “Award València Cinema 2019”. València Cinema Section. Award.

The awards will be announced during the prize ceremony. The awards will be given to the participants (or to the person authorized by them for that purpose) in the ceremony and will not be sent by mail in any case, except for the cash prize. The awards are subject to the current withholding tax following legal requirements. The resolution of the organization and the jury will be unappealable. The awards can be declared void. Prizes can be given to the same work. The organization will provide the winners an image acknowledging the award that can be used in any promotion activity.

9.- The author or owner will maintain their intellectual rights. It is the responsibility of the author that presented films are not subject to any liability. The organization may freely make use of parts of the selected works to promote Catacumba, FICCA´t, the Web and / or the official blog, always respecting copyright.

10.- Sending an application implies the acceptance of these rules. Any issue not covered in these rules will be decided by the Festival organizers.

11.- The organization conserves the right to change these rules with prior notice.

12.- For more information, visit the web and/or write directly to

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